Defender of the Universe

Welcome to the wonderful world of Voltron! Voltron is a show that's back from the 80's. In fact, Voltron was out before Nintendo released its first gaming system, the NES. It was first released in 1984. I used to love to watch the show, but that time I never understood the show. Today, I'm a good fan to the show and theirfore I decided to make My own webpage on Voltron. Though this sight may not be fancy like other pages You might find, it is designed to tell those who know nothing about the show about the show and it's characters. So if You have no idea who or what Voltron is, read on! :)

Voltron is a robot made up of five spaceships shaped like lions. The lions are controlled by pilots. Each one has a different ability (don't ask Me what they are). Voltron resides on a distant planet -- Planet Arus. When the planet is under attack, the five pilots, known as "space explorers" (I will tell You there names soon) board there respective lions. When things get out of control, the lions join to form Voltron -- Defender of The Universe! The Voltron Force hopes to rid the galaxy of an evil King by the name of Zarkon, who resides on Planet Doom, full of evil people and beings. King Zarkon also holds many slaves from different planets captive on Planent Doom. Each time, King Zarkon, or another of His henchcreatures, like Haggar, a witch; or Prince Lotor, King Zarkon's son, send a "Robeast" to fight Voltron and wreck havoc on Planet Arus, and of course Voltron wins at the end.

The five space explorers names (and there respective lions) are, Hunk (Yellow Lion), Keith (Black Lion), Lance (Red Lion), Pidge (Green Lion), and Sven (Blue Lion). Princess Allura, who is the Princess of Arus, later joined with the team when Sven was injured by Hagger and was no longer able to pilot the blue lion (We got to fly it too once, the story is Escape from Arus. The reason why I chose the Blue Lion is becuse blue is My favorite color).

Now Voltron might remind You of Zordon's Megazord. However, Voltron is good and the Megazord is not, though they have similar characteristics. Voltron is sort of like a cross between Metroid and Zelda. Like Metroid, it has some Sci-Fi and some space fighting. Like Zelda, their are castles and a Princess.

When they are not fighting, the Voltron Force lives in a castle known as The Castle Of Lions. The castle has a control room which acts as the Voltron Force's base of operations where they can contact the Galaxy Garrison in case of an emergency. Koran, the keeper of the Castle usually runs the control room and calls on the Voltron force when they are needed. The castle was created by King Alphor. He created the castle under an old Castle Of Lions because He knew that the new Castle Of Lions would someday be needed. Their are even Mice running around in the castle. They're Princess Allura's friend's - The Space Mice! The castle isn't just used to fight off King Zarkon's forces, it has the luxury! For starters, it has automatic doors, talk about technoligy. Each Voltron Force member has His/Her own bedroom to sleep in. It has a lounge where the Voltron Force can chat about their battles with the RoBeasts. Their is also Nanny, who feels overprotective of Princess Allura and advises Her not to go around flying in the Blue Lion. Nanny also cooks dinner for the group. Hunk really enjoys eating, You should see He hungry He gets when dinner is served. Below is a picture of the Castle Of Lions:

So, if You're interested in seeing Voltron in action, You can see Him at the following times:
(All times are listed as Eastern Time and the local TV listing is for New York only, please check Your local listings.)

Channel 5
Sunday 8:00 PM Eastern Time

Voltron is currently not showing on Cartoon Network as of now. If You see it on any other channels, please Email Me, I'd really like to watch the old episodes again.

Voltron has returned the Cartoon Network after being replaced by a show called "Robotech". We're happy to see the show back on the air. Even though it's only repeats, Voltron is still fun to watch and continues to have many fans like Me. :)

OFFICIAL VOLTRON PAGE: You can see WEP's Offical Voltron page at WWW.VOLTRONFORCE.COM. Here You'll find a store where You can buy Voltron related stuff, an insights page that previews future episodes, a quiz page, and a message board where You can share Your Voltron ideas. Check it out, You won't be disappointed.

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NEW! What would You do if You and a friend had a chance to spend a weekend on Planet Arus? I wrote a story to tell You how Me and My friend Billy would spend it. Read My story and find out.

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Profiles are available for the following characters: Princess Allura, Prince Lotor, Haggar, Hunk, Keith, King Zarkon, Koran, Lance, Nanny, Pidge, Sven, Prince Bandor and Princess Romelle. Also You can look at a page on The Blue Lion and Planet Arus.

Do You want more information on Voltron?
Right now, the only other fan page I really know about is My friend Billy's page. Dani's page is up, check it at http://www.arus.org/voltron. Nongyow's page is available at http://members.tripod.com/vgc1. Billy's Voltron page is here. Billy still enjoys watching Voltron. You can Email Billy at VoltronFan@aol.com. So, if You more interested in Voltron, just click the links and take a look. You may also want to take a look at a list of page in My Webring. If You think You have a good Voltron webpage, contact Me with a link to Your page and if I think the page is good, I will add Your page into My webring. :)

Unfortunately, the Voltron petition for bringing the Japanese episodes to the US was not successful so it is no longer available, thanks for those who signed.

Now You can hear Voltron and other music as You look at this front page. If You have Netscape, You can just select a song and click the Play Song button and You'll hear the music. :)


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Voltron: Defender of the Universe
It's the Legend of Zelda with a little Super Metroid spiced over in the 1980s!
Maybe someday, Voltron will make it to being a Nintendo 64 game :)
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