The Blue Lion: Welcome Abord!
The Blue Lion

Welcome Abord! Whether You're new to Voltron or You are an avid Voltron fan, You might like this page. This page is about one of the Lions that form Voltron as if it's My own. This page describes the many features found in The Blue Lion. Then it describes how I use The Blue Lion. I hope You enjoy this page. If You have any questions or comments, feel free to E-Mail Me.

Just why is it called The Blue Lion? No, You're not inside a real lion. You are inside a spaceship that represents the shape of a Lion.

Voltron fans will know what this ship looks like, but if You're not and would like to get a better idea of what this place looks like, goto or check out the picture above.

The Blue Lion, on the outside, the Blue Lion may look like a lion shaped ship the size of a trailer (or subway car) that is mostly blue with a thingamajig on top with the number 4 on it, but if You take a closer look You'll see that this marvelous machine has as many features as a Nintendo 64. Their are features that are originally built in, and then their are some that were added. Some original features are: High speed. The Blue Lion can travel at about 500 mile per hour, faster than the fastest jumbo jet available. It can stay in mid air, overcoming the gravity of any planet the size of Earth or smaller (Like Arus or Aquitar). It can withstand extreme temperatures of 50000 degrees or 1000 degrees below zero Celcious. It contians a battery that can hold enough electrical energy to power New York City for the next 2 years. The Blue Lion doesn't run on gas, but electric power instead. The Blue Lion is waterproof, so it can go underwater, like a submarine. It can electrify its claws up to 600 volts, the same voltage as the Third Rail in the Subway. (I was on a tour in the Subway Museum and the Tour Guide said that if You were to touch the Third Rail when it was electrified, You'd turn into Kentucy Fried Chicken instantly. That was almost the fate of one subway rider named Sven when a witch by the name of Haggar pushed Him onto the tracks, luckily for Him, He escaped.) The Pilot can see outside, but nobody can see Him or Her. So, the ship itself has great some defenses. Now for the added features. Their is a radio which speaks for itself. When it's time to sleep The control room in the head transforms into a nice, cozy bedroom. The Blue Lion retains its original shape on the outside. It can send and receive messages to anyone who has a wrist communcator watch. We're working on phone system in the future. So as You can see, it's not only spaceship, but a trailer and submarine as well, all built into one. So, now that I own this spaceship, in this MOO and many many stories I plan to write, here is what I would do. Many of You might wonder why I still take the Subway with My friend Billy when I travel to New York City. Well, New York City is a large crowded place and their is no way to park My ship. The same goes for Disneyworld, which I'd like to visit someday: Can't park it anywhere. Even leaving it at the neareast airport wouldn't be a good idea, it would cost money to rent a hangar to leave it their. The nearest airport to New York City is the John F. Kennedy airport. I could leave it their then I'd have to ride the A Train to the city. Same cost: $3 from and to the Airport. (You can't transfer from Subway to Subway) So, I have not abandoned the Subway. Even so, New York City is a great place to look at from way up. In a plane You see it for a minute and then it disappears, getting smaller and smaller. And I hear people talking about the End of the World. Asteroids hitting the Earth. And they're making movies of it, like Deep Impact coming out in May. Well if that were to really happen, I could just pack up My Blue Lion and head off to another Earth like planet such as Arus, the home of Voltron. They have another Blue Lion their, mine is a duplicate. They can use Mine as a backup. Well, that is Your free tour. Have a nice day . Back to the List
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This Sight has been updated April 5, 1998.

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Voltron: Defender of the Universe
It's the Legend of Zelda with a little Super Metroid spiced over in the 1980s!
Maybe someday, Voltron will make it to being a Nintendo 64 game :)
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