II: The Search for Voltron.

Since I am a Voltron fan and I own a Super NES and Nintendo 64, I always wished I can I play a video game with Voltron in it. I'm sure that many fans of Voltron feel the same way. This page tell You what king of game I would create if I could actually make a Voltron video game. It's acually a sequel to a Super NES RPG EarthBound.

For those of You who don't know EarthBound, don't fear. I can tell You about it now. EarthBound is an RPG game about a little boy that You get to name Yourself. The game begin when a big meteorite hits next to Your home (that's in the game, of course.) You wake up and walk out and up the mountain to see what is going on. As You're walking up the mountain, the meet Pokey, who is talking to the police. He tells You about the meteorite and then You walk back and go back to sleep. Later that night, You wake up again to find out the Pokey is knocking on the door. He tells You that His younger brother is missing and asks You to help Him find His brother. You find Him sleeping near the sight of the meteorite. As You're about to go back home, a small fly tells You that an alien being named Giygas is plotting to take over Earth and that You are the chosen one. You then walk back to Pokey's house, with Pokey, His younger brother, and the fly following You. On Your way, You meet Starman Junior who tries to attack You, but He fails. Then You walk into Pokey's House. As Pokey's Father takes care of Pokey, His Mother strikes the fly hard. As it lies on the floor dying, it says its last words to You, telling You that You need to find eight locations on Earth and record Eight different melodies on the Sound Stone that He gives You. He tells You then You need to defeat Giygas, battings many enemies and foes along the way. Of course, You don't do this all alone. On the way, three other young kids join You. The adventure is pretty long. One think that make this RPG stand from all the rest is the setting in modern-day society. I really don't like other RPGs because they're pretty much the same thing. Even if You're not into RPGs You should give EarthBound a try. I'm not going to say what happens at the end, but You just might enjoy it.

Back to My Voltron game idea. Now that You know what EarthBound is about, here is what happens in the EarthBound sequel. The story goes like this. A group of King Zarkon's henchmen are space hunting and the eventually find Planet Earth. They decide to try and conquer it and give to King Zarkon as a surprise. They land on Earth and begin to take people captive. Many people stubbornly refuse to go as slaves, so they send out terrible creatures to find everyone so they can bring them to King Zarkon's planet, known Planet Doom. Two People: Myself and a friend, Billy, find out and go to a guy named Profess Hart for answers. He gives us a Tape Recorder and tells us that we need to record Eaight different melodies found throughout the universe. He says that their are six on Earth and two on the distant Planet Arus. He also tells us that we need to find someone named Dr. Antonauts who is working on develping a machine that we teleport us to Arus. Along the way, we must fight monsters and people who have been put under the spell of the alien creatures on Planet Doom. Along the way, we meet a girl named Molly and another guy, Sewlyn Ward who helps us with His great PSI powers in our travels. We also gain Expriencs and learn special Psychic Powers (PSI) such as PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, and one that You can name, just like in the original EarthBound! Once we have recorded the six melodies, Dr. Antonauts calls us up and tells us His machine that can teleport us to Arus is finished. Unfortunately, on the way, we encounter a huge robot that badly injures Sewlyn. He is taken to Professor Hart's lab where He slips into a coma and can't be recovered. However, Sewlyn communicates with us telepathically telling us that we are the only ones who can save the universe and vows He will make a full recovery. Now we're three again. We travel to Dr. Antonauts Lab to see that indeed the telporting machine is ready. The machine has just enough power to send us to Arus, but it cannot bring us back to Earth. He says that once we arrive on Arus, we will meet a group of people known as the Voltron force who will help us. The machine works as expected and in a matter of seconds we are on Arus, unable to return to Earth. We see a tall castle standing. Assuming that is the place where the Voltron Force stays, we walk up to it and indeed we find the Voltron Force. We meet Koran, the Castle Dimplomat and Nanny. Koran tells us that somthing terrible has happened. Princess Allura has been captured and without Her they cannot form Voltron. Another problem they face is that the other force members are weak and cannot go without some rest. As if that isn't enough. The keys to the Lions are missing. So they must also find the keys in order to operate the lions, just as You need a key to start a car. Before they go to sleep, one of the force members agree to join us. Each Force member is capable of different PSI powers. You then all agree go to sleep. Koran has reserved a room for You to sleep in. Later that night, You wake up, and so does the force member that agreed to join You. (We'll go on as if Hunk joined us) Billy, Molly, and the other force members (Keith, Lance, and Pidge) are still sleeping. You and Hunk go out in search of the keys. Both of You meet enemies such as Doom Soldiers and animals such as dogs, cats, and mice. After a while, You and hunk give u the search and go back to the castle. The next day. The four of You wake up refreshed and ready to search for the missing keys. Keith, Lance and Pidge also look for the Keys, but as a separate group. You also need to find the last two melodies. Once You find the keys and the rest of the melodies, You listen to them and You alone are transported to Magicant. This happens in the original EarthBound, but Magicant here is much bigger and more challanging. Actually, it's just Your dream. Once You wake up. Your group returns to the castle and boards the lion spaceship and heads for doom. In the lions, the force battles enemy spaceships along the way. Once on doom, You must go through the doom castle and beat Prince Lotor, son of King Zarkon, and Haggar a powerful witch. Finally You meet King Zarkon Himself. He seems to be easy but He is not. He is capable of all the PSI powers that You have and theirfore You must constantly refill Your life meter. After You beat Him, it seems like You've finished the game, but it's not over Yet. King Zarkon goes back in time, taking Allura with Him. You return to Arus and Dr. Antonuts comes to Arus and tells You that Voltron must go back in time to defeat King Zarkon and bring Allura to the present time. Luckily, He has restored the machine with enough power to send Voltron back in time. Once Voltron is back in time You fight a few of Zarkon's monsters, known to Voltron fans as RoBeasts, until You meet Zarkon Himself nestled inside a RoBeast that looks like Him. This time when You beat Him, He gives up and says that He will find news ways to destroy You. You return to the present time and that is when the ending takes place. I'm going to tell You the ending in detail, but all I have to say is that You do return to Earth and both the people of Earth and Arus are happy that You've saved the Universe from the Evil King Zarkon.

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