Zelda 64
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At last, the long awaited Nintendo 64 game is here. I'm talking about Zelda 64. The game has been anticipated for months. Nintendo's offical magazine, Nintedno Power, printed many articles, previewing the game. Then came a release date, November 23rd. I went over to My local Toys R Us to reserve a copy. It seems that it has come out right on schedule, although My local Toys R Us got it a day later. As I expected, the game was sold out. Only people that reserved their copies earlier were able to buy the game, and that is what I did, and now I have a copy.

Of course, information on the the game is available. Nintendo has an offical Zelda Webpage (http://www.zelda64.com), that not only provides pictures and general information on the game, but it also has press releases so You can read on how other magazines reported on the game. Some are calling it the "game of the century." Another magazine said it's the "Gone With The Wind" in video games. I've been reading Nintendo Power's Top-10 charts and according to those charts, Goldeneye has been in first place for months. That should soon change, though since many people will find themselves addicted to the new game.

The graphics are so realistic it seems You're watching a movie. In fact, Nintendo Power said their will be at least an hours worth of cinimatic scenes You can sit back and watch. The gameplay is very good. It took My a little time to realize You can't jump and it is done automatically. But the rest of the gameplay is very good. I'm not timing Myself, but I probably think that the game has at least 70 hours of mindbending gameplay. And it would probably take at least 30 hours straight to play the game from start to finish if You already know where everything is. It's going to take a lot of skill so if You have the game, be sure to sharpen Your wits. If You don't have to game, I recommend You start looking for a copy. You won't be disappointed.

Be sure to check out Nintendo's offcial webpage, http://www.nintendo.com. Their You will find information on the latest games. You will also find an area called the NSIDER (click the name to go their directly) where You will find articles about upcoming releases, an area for top scores, and My favorite -- Ask Dan. The Ask Dan area is an area where Dan Owsen answers questions that are asked by players about Nintendo Games, Systems, and Events. If You're an avid Nintendo fan, You should go their, even if You subscribe to Nintendo Power.

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