King Zarkon

"I, Zarkon, Ruler of Planet Doom will conquer the Universe and destroy Voltron! "

Location: Castle Doom
Aliases: King Zarkon is also known as Emperor Dybarzal

King Zarkon is the Supreme Ruler of Planet Doom. His assistants are Prince Lotor, His son; and Haggar, an evil witch that creates and sends "robeasts" to conquer Planet Arus to destroy Voltron. King Zarkon's strive for one thing: total conquest of the universe. But no matter how many times He tries, the Voltron Force manages to stop Him again and again. He hates the Voltron Force so much for defeating Him that He wants them destroyed or enslaved. Zarkon does not tolerate failure of His followers in destroying Voltron, and He harshly reprimands them when they return to Doom. Only time will tell whether the Voltron Force will defeat King Zarkon and restore peace to the universe once and for all.

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