Name: Pidge
Location: Planet Arus

Pidge is the smallest member if the group. He's very easygoing most of the time and has a great sense of humor. He is close friends of Hunk. Pidge tries to keep Hunk out of trouble. Both Hunk and Pidge do get along well, though. He also learned to communicate with Princess Allura's friends the Space Mice. He usually plays with them and tells them stories. Pidge is the pilot of the Green Lion, which forms the left arm of Voltron.

When He has the time, He hosts a few chatrooms on AOL. He is a good kind and a very good host. If You want to Email Him, His screen name is ABCHostPDG

Also, I'd like to remid You to spell Pidge's name correctly. That is not to confuse "pidge" with "Paige". It's PIDge, not PAIge. These are two different people, so please check to make sure His name is spelled right when You write it, thank You.

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