The Castle Of Lions

The Castle of Lions resides on the Planet Arus. Princess Allura, the ruler of Arus, lives in the Castle along with the rest of the Voltron Team. The Castle is not only there home, but also acts as a defense against King Zarkon's forces. When ships come to attack too close to the castle, laser cannons fire from the castle wall and some people help defend the castle themselves.

Their is a Control Room where Koran and the rest of the team can see what's going on outside of the castle. In case of an emergency, Koran, who runs the castle, can contact the Galaxy Garrison for Help.

The castle was created by King Alphor. He created the castle under an old Castle Of Lions because He knew that the new Castle Of Lions would someday be needed.

The castle isn't just used to fight off King Zarkon's forces, it has the luxury! Believe it or not, Their are even Mice running around in the castle. But that's okay because they're Princess Allura's friend's - The Space Mice! For starters, it has automatic doors, talk about technoligy. Each Voltron Force member has His/Her own bedroom to sleep in. Their is also Nanny, who feels overprotective of Princess Allura and advises Her not to go around flying in the Blue Lion. She does all the housekeeping and cooks dinner for the group. Hunk really enjoys eating, You should see He hungry He gets when dinner is served. That all takes place in the Castle Dining Room, complete with an ariel view outside the castle. The dining room is also used for conferences with leaders of other planets. Then their is the Recreation Room, where the Voltron force and the Princess can chat, play games, and not watch TV on their new 45" Sony Projection TV. Hunk loves it. I bet pretty soon everyone on Planet Arus will want a TV. The Castle has secret passages that lead to King Alphor's tomb where the Princess and the rest of the Force and interect with Alphor spirit in times of Trouble. These passages also lead to a Subway system that is being worked on. It already leads to the Lions and it has proven a safer way to travel to them. They have yet to lay more track and build more trains before they can open it to public. (It makes Me wonder if they'll introduce the MetroCard) If the Voltron Force intends to make Plant Arus look like New York City, they've got a lot of catching up to do. Their is an Archive Room where the Force keeps a Record of all there battles and can also go online. In addition to the Control Room, they can interact with the Galaxy Garrision here, too.

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