One if My favorite Video Games is EarthBound. EarthBound is a Role Playing Game. When RPGs come to My mind, I usually think of the same thing. You go around, talking to people fighting enemies in separte scenes. This may the case of EarthBound, but I like it because it stands out from all the other RPGs. It's set in modern times instead of medieval times like in most RPGs. Quite frankly enough, I'm in no way interested in any Final Fantasy games. Also in Earthbound, You can see the enemies coming toward You and sometimes, if You're smart, You can avoid fighting them altogether. In most other RPGs, You'll usually walk and suddenly, out of the clear blue, You're fighting an enemy. I especially love Earthbound because it has a lot of jokes and cute scenes. Who can resist watching the bus driver get scared after driving into a haunted tunnel full of ghosts? You certainly can't ride the bus in any Final Fantasy game. Who can resist walking into a town full of cute little creatures called Mr. Saturns who offer services free of charge? These are just a couple of this You'll find in Earthbound. The Characters? Well, You get to name them Yourself. The most popular name for the characters is Ness, Paul, Jeff, and then Poo. I called them, EDDIE (Me), FRIDA (My Sister), BILLY (My Friend), and OMAR (which I feel is a more proper name for character). The game is pretty long and it takes You just about Everywhere, from a cold snowy campsite to a hot sunny desert; from a big city to a haunted town. This game has it all.

Now I like Earthbound and I have renewed interest because I have just started playing a game called EarthBound Zero. The game was originally never released in North America, but thanks to some people who were able to transfer it to the computer, anyone can play it. It seems to be a smashing success among many EarthBound fans alike. I will tell You a little about EarthBound Zero on a seperate page.

I might like Earthbound, but I also like Voltron, and to that end. I wrote My idea of an EarthBound sequil which feature Voltron. You can read it here.

Of course, their are a whole bunch of EarthBound fans out their and a number of Fan Clubs out their. One popular fan clue is the OnettNess's EB Gang club. Joining the club is free, all You have to do is Email Him and ask Him if You want to join. If you're an AOL Member and want to chat about Earthbound, come to the Giant Step on Wednesday Night. Their, You can play many games. You'll also receive a newsletter each week, with tips and tricks on both EarthBound and Earthbound Zero. I have had a lot of fun with this fanclub. It's an excellant one and even if You don't play EartyBound, it's sure You'll have a lot of fun as well.

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