Name: Hunk
Location: Planet Arus

As the mechanic/engineer of the group, He repairs the lions when needed. He is the strongest and also the biggest member of the team. He gets along with children which is probably why His closest friend is Pidge. Pidge usually tries to keep Hunk out of trouble.
Hunk also has quite an appetite! You'd probably see how He like eating when the team is feasting on a meal. Once, He was so hungry that at the first victory feast for Voltron on Arus, Keith tells Him when He begins to eat, "I didn't mean dig in like a shovel."
He also has quite a temper, which is probably why He might say, "That makes Me so mad!" when He gets angry. Fortunately, He's usually in a good mood.
Hunk pilots the Yellow Lion which becomes the left leg of Voltron.

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