Planet Arus

Home of Voltron and the Castle of Lions

Planet Arus is an Earth like planet. The inhabitants are human. The technology isn't as modern as us on Earth. The planet is very distant. However the Voltron Force is able to communicate the the Galaxy Garrison. The Lions are stationed in different places on the planet when they're not in use. The Blue Lion is stationed in a moat around the castle. The Red Lion is stationed in a Volcano deep below the surface. The Yellow Lion is stationed in the desert. The Green Lion is stationed in the Forest, and the most important of all, the Black Lion, is stationed in front of the castle.

On Planet Arus their are no cars or trains or plains, but their are spaceships. You wonder what the people would do for a living besides rebuild the cities after each of King Zarkon's (a.k.a. Dybarzal) attacks on Arus. They work the fields, build new homes, and make clothes the old fashoned way. After all, Their is no TV. No Baseball games to watch. Tough luck, eh? That was until we arrived. We decided to send a large Sony 45" Projection TV to the Castle Of Lions just in time for the 1998 World Series. A huge satillite dish was installed on top of the castle to receive signals from the far reaches of the universe. The TV was put in the Recreation Room. When it worked, everyone, especially Hunk, loved it. They were able to watch Game 1 without a problem. I convinced them to root for the Yankees, especially after I told them they won 114 games in the regular season since April. They've seen Game 1 and Tino Martinez smacked a Grand Slam (4 run) Home Run. They've seen Game 2 also, The Pardres were hopelessly trailing by 7 after three innings. They're to see Game 3 tomorrow, since it takes a day for the TV Signals to reach Planet Arus. I'm not going to tell them who won game 3, since I want them to be surprised. As I write this, Game 4 is scheduled for tomorrow. I will update this page as things go on. The Voltron Forces tells Me they wish they could play Baseball. Well, when either the Yankees or Padres win the World Series, I will tell them how to play. Me and My friend Billy don't really play Baseball, but we love to watch it and know how it is played. For now they can watch the rest of the World Series.

Of course, their is no time to watch Baseball when Planet Arus is in danger and Prince Lotor is thinking of how to steal His bride, which is none other than Princess Allura. The Voltron Force must get their Lion Spaceships and fight off the evil forces, even if the Yankees are winning the World Series.

P.S. Excuse for writing so much about Baseball in this Planet Arus Profile. I'm just so happy to see the Yankees on the verge of winning another World Series. I'm a Voltron Fan, but I'm also a Yankee Fan, too :)

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