"Voltron is loved by all good and is feared by all evil."

Sven is the former pilot of the Blue Lion before He was severely injured in a battle with King Zarkon's evil witch Haggar. After Sven was injured, He was taken to a hospital on another Planet. He later returned when Princess Romelle, cousin of Princess Allura, met Him in a cave on the Planet Doom, where King Zarkon lives.

According to My opinion, another incident occoured to Sven while He was visiting New York City on Planet Earth after He helped the Voltron Force defeat King Zarkon. It all started when Sven was in the Subway waiting for the Downtown Number 6 Train to arrive at the station. Suddenly, Haggar appeared and She pushed Sven onto the tracks below the platform. Sven landed inches away from the electrifed Third Rail, which contains 600 volts of live electricity and powers the trains. Sven tried to save Himself, but Haggar was too powerful. He did, however, move as far away from the third rail as possible, but He was still fighting for His life. He knew a train would come any minute and if He didn't get off the tracks, He'd be run over by the number 6 train. Luckly for Sven, when Haggar heard the train arriving, She disappeard and Sven climbed to safety. Seconds later, the train arraved and Sven boarded the train. He never imagined how lucky He would be when His life was saved by the sound of the train arriving.

Sven is peace-loving, and as far as I know, He is, or He used to be a Norwegian captain.

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