The forces of Zordon

Location: Unknown

Profile: The power rangers are multicolered army of male and female beings that work for Zordon in making sure that His rival Rita Repulsa doesn't conquer Earth. For if She does, She will have the whole universe. The rangers come in six different colors: Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Pink and Blue with Red being the strongest and Blue being the weakest. While some of the rangers are humans, most of them are created by Zordon alone.

Here is the story as I know it: The Battle between Zordon and Rita began many years ago. Both were capable of preforming magic, both wanted to conquer the universe. They both fought for a while. Whoever won the battle would rule the universe forever. The loser would be imprisoned. The battle ended in a tie, so both Zordon and rita made a deal, they'd flip coins to decide who would win and who would lose. Zordon, cunning as He is, cheated in this coin toss by using magic coins and thus winning over Rita. But before He could imprison Her, Rita managed to imprison Zordon Himself in a time warp. Zordon was now powerless for the moment, but His home base landed on Earth. Their, He established a command center where He can conduct His plans. He had no one to do His bidding. So what did this cold hearted wizard do? He decided to teleport people to do His dirtywork. He told them He needed them to protect Earth and destroy His enemies, namely Rita. Really He wanted to conquer Earth Himself, but He found out that Rita's space prison landed on the moon. She broke out and set up Her castle on the moon. She had assistants to do Her bidding. They were much stronger then Zordon's rangers. Thus, the Battle between Rita and Zordon resumed. Pretty soon, people began seeing these colored rangers. Zordon was successfully taking over Earth Himself while at the same time keeping other forces from coming close. Then after awhile, another Evil force named Lord Zedd came to the moon. He banished Rita frm the moon in a Space Prison because She failed to conquer the universe. Now it was Zordon versus Lord Zedd. The two battled eachother for months. Lord Zedd didn't know it, but Rita soon managed to guide the space prison back to the moon. Once She returned, She used a love potion to make Lord Zedd fall in love with Her, and they soon married. This meant Double Trouble for Zordon. While He lost part of His army in the previous battles with Rita and Lord Zedd, His most loyal ranger remained with Him. The evil forces tried time and again to take Earth from Zordon, but He was so cunning that the other forces failed. However, He couldn't keep hold much longer. In 1996, Two of Rita and Lord Zedd's assistants managed to plant a bomb beneath His command center and blow it sky high. The people on Earth were happy now because without a master the rangers became mindless for the moment. Those who were human became human again, but they didn't forget about Zordon. On the moon, Rita, Lord Zedd, and the rest of the creatures loyal to them were overjoyed. "We did it!" said Lord Zedd, elated. Now the Earth would belong to Him. But their celebration was abruptly halted because another evil force known as the Machine Empire came to conquer the moon. Rita and Lord Zedd were no match for this huge force. They abandoned their castle and went somewhere else. The leader of the Machine Empire was King Mondo, a person even meaner then Zordon, Rita, and Lord Zedd put together. Earth thought they've seen the last of Zordon's power rangers, but after 2 months, as King Mondo was getting ready for battle, He resurfaced. He was unaware that Rita and Lord Zedd were banished from the moon. He pulled a new stunt this time targeting people on Earth. Using a cable system, He managed to bring more people to His new power chamber. Fortunately, the people were freed. His forces, the power ranger became zeorangers. They were stronger then ever before. Soon Zordon found out about His new enemies, the Machine Empire. And the battle raged on. Pretty soon, Zordon's zeorangers started to rebel against Him. Zordon would be banished by not an evil force, but a good force. Dimitria, Queen of Goodness, came to Earth and banished all evil from Earth's galaxy. Zordon and His most loyal rangers were exiled to the far reaches of the universe, but most of the remained on Earth. Now peace would be restored to earth. Dimitria trained the rangers to be good and She became there master. Soon, She had to leave Earth for a meeting. She took any rangers created by Zordon with Her saying, "Earth no longer needs us. We must travel somewhere else were their is trouble." As so ended the story, and Earth was at peace.