Lord Zedd
"I am Lord Zedd, Emperor of all You see!"

Lord Zedd proclaims Himself Emperior of all Evil, though their are many other villians determined to take over the universe such as King Zarkon and Zordon.

Lord Zedd first appeared traveling to the Moon where Rita Repulsa lived in Her castle. He was unhappy that Rita failed to exterminate Zordon and His power rangers. Theirfore, He shrunk Rita and Her in a prison. Then He jettisoned the prison into outer space, never to return, or so it seemed. Rita somehow guided the floating prison back to the moon. When Rita returned to the Moon, Lord Zedd was sleeping. Rita worked with Finster to restore Her back to full size. Then Finster mixed up a love potion to put Lord Zedd under a spell that would make Him love Her. Once Lord Zedd was under the spell, He married Rita. Together, they eventually got rid of Zordon and His Command Center. IT seems that at that time, Zordon was gone for good, but even He resurfaced! He had a whole new base of operations called the Power Chamber. He also had a new breed of power rangers to help Him defeat Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd and conquer the universe Himself. After Zordon's seeming demise, while Rita and Zedd were celebrating what looked like there Victory, a new evil force landed on the Moon. This force, known as The Machine Empire, forced Rita and Zedd to move to some other part of the universe. It is unknown today where Rita, Zedd and their assistants live. Some say they move to an evil galaxy called the M51 Galaxy, but I'm not pretty sure where they live!

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