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Location: Unknown
First Story Featured: CABLE CAPTIVE

Profile: Zordon is an evil wizard who has invaded our planet Earth in the Year 1994. After He was trapped in a tube by His arch rival Rita Repulsa. Long before He came to Earth, He fought Rita in a battle. The battle ended in a tie, so they both made a deal. Zordon used five coins. The one Who got three out of five would rule the universe, the loser would be imprisioned forever. Zordon cheated in toss by using magic coins, and He theirfore won, and Rita was locked up. But She got Her revenge by trapping Him in a Tube. Rita was trapped in a canister which floated in space for a few thousand Years. When Zordon heard that She landed on the moon, free. He decided to take over earth with his army of powerrangers. He began teleporting peope to His command center, making them His slaves.
However, His command center blew up, and the the people could breathe a whole lot easier knowing that Zordon was gone, or was He? Two month after the Explosion, He resurfaced in His new fortress He called the Power Chamber and now has an army of more intelligent Zeorangers. Only time will tell if We could permanently defeat Zordon and send Him packing.

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