Rita Replusa

"You're giving Me a headache!"

Rita is an Evil Witch (like Haggar) who is determined upon conquering Earth (and then the entire universe) and She comes equipped with a wide variety of spells. Rita has many magical items such as a magic wand which has many magical abilities.

Many Years ago, Rita Repulsa battled with another evil foe, Zordon, to whom She lost. Here is how the battle took place: Zordon was fighting with Rita when it came to a tie. Them, Rita made a deal with Zordon. The Deal was this, to flip a few coins to determine who gets to rule the universe. Whoever wins is the ruler, whoever is the loser would be imprisoned forever. Now Zordon was very smart. He didn't use just any coins, He cheated by using His magic coins. When they were flipped, Zordon won. But before Zordon could imprison Rita, She imprisoned Him in a time warp. Still, Zordon was able to try and conquer Earth Himself by creating a command center and His army of so-called Power rangers and then Zeorangers which were lost a few Years later when He was banished into outer space.

Many years after the Battle, Rita's prison landed on the Moon. While Zordon set up His Command Center (later to become the Power Chamber) on Earth. She set up Her base of operations on the Moon. She had two goals: 1, to defeat Zordon and His power rangers, and 2, to conquer Earth and the rest of the Universe (including Planet Arus where Voltron resides). Her assistants were Goldar, a gold creature with wings; Finster, a scientist who created monsters and sent them to Earth; Baboo, a silly monster that assisted all the other monsters; and Squatt, Baboo's partner. Later, Lord Zedd travelled to the Moon to banish Her, but She returned to the Moon, placed Lord Zedd under a spell that made Him fall in love so that Lord Zedd can marry Rita, and they did. When a new evil force called The Machine Empire moved to the moon, She and Lord Zedd and moved to somewhere else in the Universe and it is unknown today where Rita, Lord Zedd, and their assistants live.

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