Welcome to My Ghostbusters page. Ghostbusters was another of MY favorite 80's shows I really enjoyed watching. The show all began with a movie about three people who searched out for supernatural activity. They would settle in an old firehouse in New York City and start a business, and the Ghostbusters was born. The movie was a big hit back then, and eventually a cartoon aired. The cartoon aired for five seasons before being taken off broadcast TV and moving to cable. Today, I still enjoy watching the show as much as I do Voltron.

Their are four Ghostbusters. There name are: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddmore, and Egon Spangler. They have a secretary, whose name is Janine Melnitz. She takes calls from people who have a ghost that need to be busted. They even have a ghost by there side, Slimer.

The way they bust ghost is simple. They use Proton Packs to zap the ghosts and hold them in place. Then one of them slides out a Ghost Trap to suck the ghost into it. The ghost is stored into a device known as the containment unit.

Later on in the seasons, a guy named Louis come to help the Ghostbusters, though He's a bit clumsy. He and Janine and eventually seen wearing Proton packs.

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