EarthBound Zero

So what is EarthBound Zero anyway? Well, it's an 8-bit NES Version of the popular Super NES game. It was never released in the US for our NES. In fact, this game was origially called Mother. (Nope, it doesn't have Debbie Renolds) Theirfore, it was very hard to get. But thanks to some computer programs that allow You to play just about every NES game on Your computer, You can now play this game on Your computer just by downloading a few things. Usually, when something is imported from Japan to the US, it always is changed to fit the US Standards. When it comes to Voltron, a popular cartoon back in 1984, it was heavily edited to remove the Violence. Just ask Thomas Nongyow. He owns a number of Japanese Voltron episodes and has created a page that lists those very differences. If you're like to see it, go here. When it comes to comparing Earthbound and it's original Counterpart. They too, have several difference, although they both share some simularities. Many games, like the Starman Junior, are both featured in both games, yet You battle it at different times in the game. Some of the music, like the Store music, can be recognized on the original Earthbound. Other the music is a sillouette. Compare the music when You walk into the Ponduk Zoo for the first time with the music when You walk into the cave searching for the five moles in the SNES Earthbound. Listed are some differences below:

The Story is different
The storyline is different then the SNES Earthbound. In the SNES Earthbound, the game begins with a huge comet. In Earthbound Zero, however, it begins with two people disappearing in the early 1900s. One of them returns 2 years later, but His wife never comes back.

The places are different
Of course, You will visit many different place in Earthbound Zero than in the SNES Earthbound. In the SNES Earthbound, You don't advance from the first to the next town until You beat up and then call a truce with a guy named Frank Fly, go up to the mountains and collect a melody, and then fight with the police. In the original Earthbound, however, You must first walk down to a Cemetery and rescue a girl; Go to the Zoo and then fight the Starman Junior with is Your first enemy in the SNES Earthbound. And a small fly helps You in the SNES version. In Earthbound Zero, You must do it all by Yourself.

You cannot see the enemies approching You, unlike in the SNES Version
In the SNES Earthbound, You can see the enemies approaching You which allow You to try avoid a battle with a tough enemy. In Earthbound Zero, however, You cannot see the enemies and theirfore You cannot avoid battle except when You see a boss enemy.

The final character that meets Your party is different
In the SNES EarthBound, the final ally will acually meet You. He is from a distant land named Dallam. He is a Prince capable of meditation powers and in battle can make it look like other enemies. In the original Earthbound, however, Your final ally will be a strong macho man which You will have to fight first.

The ending and final boss is different
Of course, the ending and final boss is different and You way You defeat Him is different. Of course, I have not seen the end of the game, but I know it's different. The final boss has a similar name to the SNES Eartybound final boss. In the original, His name is Giygiu, in the SNES version, it's Giygas.

You can return to Magicant unlike in the SNES version where You cannot return
Both Earthbound games have a dreamland named Magicant. In the SNES Earthbound, You will go into Magicant toward the end of the game, defeat a statue, and then return to the real world. Once You're back to the real world, You cannot go back. In the original however, their is an item that allows You to return as You please, and the way You leave is different as well.

Their is no flowing background screen in the enemy battles.
Since Earthbound Zero is an NES Game, their were no vivid flowing backgrounds in the enemy battles, they were all black.

You remember the eight melodies unlike in the SNES version where it is recorded on an item You must keep.
The melodies are remember by You in the original Earthbound. In the SNES version, however, the eight melodies are recorded on an item called the Sound Stone.

Their is no Escargo Express or pizza delivery
The Delivery system was added when the SNES version of Earthbound came out. In the original, You can store Your items away, but You must travel back to Your home to get them. In fact, You can even leave Your ATM Card (Called a Cash Card in the original) behind. The SNES version doesn't allow You to store away your ATM Card, among the many other item You're stuck with, the Receiver Phone, which after the Stonehenge battle has no use, and the Sound Stone

Of course, their are many other differences than listed on this page. The ones listed above are just examples. The game plays like just the SNES Earthbound. You can still call Your dad and save Your game. As You defeat enemies, Your dad will deposit more money into Your account. You still will have PSI powers, though most of them will be different. If You liked the SNES Earthbound, I'm pretty sure You will love this one. What do You need to download this game? First You need an emulater. Then You need the ROM. Where can You get these programs? You can go here and You'll find out how to get this game.

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