Astro Megaship

Location: Somewhere in Outer Space
Owner: Andros
A.K.A: Astro Mothership, Astro Megamothership, Ship of Andros, and Andros

Profile: The Astro Megaship is a big ship that houses a special team known as the Space rangers. Owned and piloted mainly by Andros, this ship is huge and can probably fit The Blue Lion inside. The ship has an onboard computer named DECA. DECA keeps watch of the entire ship and can auto-pilot the ship if the need arises. The Crew of the ship consists of Andros the owner, Carlos, Cassie, SewlynWard, and Tracy.
Now You might think of this ship as a mansion in space because it has many rooms. Among them:

The Control Room or "Bridge": Like any spaceship, this ship has a control room where the crew can operate or steer the ship. You would also find the controls, communications, and access to DECA (the Astro Megaship's onboard computer), and front windows in here.

Simulation Deck: This area is where Andros and His crew can simulate any enviroment they want. They can play 3d Video Games as if they're in the game. Pretty cool, huh?

The Engine Room: Of course, no ship can run without an engine. This ship has a powerful engine that allows it to travel at very high speeds, maybe faster then The Blue Lion.

Recreation Room: Like the Castle Of Lions on Planet Arus, the Astro Megaship has a Recreation Room where the crew can have fun and play games when not fighting evil forces. Because their is no TV or Radio in Space, their is no Television aboard the ship. However, the crew can play board games like Scrabble :)

Crew Quarters/Bedrooms This is where Andros and the rest of His Crew sleeps. Each room has a small bed and night table. This where a guest would sleep also. Their are about five vacant rooms for guests about the Astro MegaShip.

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