The Yeerks

Watch out! These little creatures can posess You!

The Yeerks are sluglike creatures that look harmless, until they enter Your brain and take over Your mind. There goal is to take over peoples minds. They do this by crawling into the ear canal of someone and wrapping Him/Herself around the brain of that person. Once the Yeerk has wrapped itself around the brain, the person can no longer control His body. The Yeerk can commicate with the person but He has full control of the body. The Yeerk also know every thought about that person: His Birthday, His Address, His secret PIN number, even His fantasies. The Yeerks are led by Visser Three, a Yeerk that possesses an Andalite body. He runs the entire operation and has the power to morph just like the other Animorphs. So we see the Yeerks are powerful, but they have one weakness.

Every 3 days, the Yeerks need to absorb the Sun's Ultraviolet rays to survive. This is done in an underground secret cavern called a Yeerk Pool. The Yeerk uses the body He possesses to go to the Yeerk Pool, He slips out of His Host, and the Host is locked up until the Yeerk can possess Him again. A Yeerk Pool is not a pretty sight. Billy and I once saw for ourselves what it's like to be in a Yeerk Pool. You see people locked up in cages, dragon like creatures guarding the Pool where the Yeerks soak up the Sun's ultraviolet rays. Visser Three supervises what goes on down their. Their are many entrances, their might even be on in the Subway.

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