Subway Trains

Location: New York City
First Appearance: SUBWAY TERROR

Profile: Subway Trains are used everyday by millions of people. Me and Billy ride the subway every day from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Subway Trains are powered by electricity from a third rail that runs along the tracks. The third rail is alive with 600 volts of electricity so touching it is very dangerous. This is the reason why people shouldn't waly or try to cross the tracks. Their are signs in the subway say "Subway Tracks are Dangerous." Their is more general information about New York subways and buses Metropolitan Transit Authority Home Page. General Subway information can be found by clicking here.

The train routes are identified by a letter from A-Z or a number from 1-9. A full list of all train routes and there schedules are available here. For example, You might say taking the "D Train" to Your destination. Here are pictures of the trains, but Me and Billy ride different trains, not the N Train or the 7 Train.

Thier is a story on this websight that uses the Subway. To read it, just click the title SUBWAY TERROR

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