Location: In Space

Terra Venture was a space colony built by NASA and the Galaxy Garrison. It was built for people who wanted to find a new planet to live on. The people aboard were randomly selected in a lottery months before Terra Venture left Earth, in search of a new world. The colony has seemed to reach and Earthlike planet. One says that it is called "Mirinoi."

Life on Terra Venture was much like it is on Earth right now. In the center was a big city where people can live, work and shop. Their was a space museum where visitors can see far into outer space with a telescope. They even had there own cable service. The reception of Earthly channels such as HBO, Disney Channel and Cinemax was pretty good. One of the Cable Technicians, whose name was Kendrix said that She could install service at any home within minutes. Kendrix also worked for the GSA. (Unfortunely, She died during Terra Venture's journey throught space.)

Terra Venture was governed by the General Security Administration (GSA), runned by Commander Stanton. The GSA kept in close contact with the Galaxy Garrison should their be a problem on Terra Venture. Should their be any problems, their "Starship Trooper"-like task force was sent to the rescue.

Other people were known to help the GSA: There names were: Archie, Damon, Mary, and Mike. Click there names to learn a little more about them.

Terra Venture MUD

I started a Multi-User game themed around Terra Venture. You can try and sign in as a guest. If You want a character Email Me and I'll create it for You. You'll have some space to be able to make Your own property. Give it a try!
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