The Steam Room

At first, You might think of this room as a place where You can warm up from the steam in the room. Well, it is, but the steam isn't created from any vents on the walls. The steam comes from the ears of people who get angry and feel like bashing everything in sight. In this room, You anger deterirates and eventually, You put the incident that angered You behind. If someone upset You, You could go and ask for an apology. If that person doesn't apologize, just leave Him/Her alone. Try putting it behind You.

Even friends that I have can get angry sometimes. Take a look at the pictures of Billy and Hunk. From those picture You can pretty much tell they're really upset. I have found proper place for these picture to show You that we do get angry sometimes, but it doesn't mean starting fights. The "Steam Room" is a quiet place You can go to think about other things and forget about the incident that angered You.

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