"Anybody up for a quick vacation on a sunny day?"

A.k.a: TJ
Location: Aboard the Astro Megaship most of the time.
Age: 21

Selwyn is an Actor for the TV Show "In Space". He is a very nice guy to talk to and the picture above shows it. He is very happy and has a good sense of humor.

He enjoys playing Baseball, though I haven't yet asked Him what His favorite team in the MLB is. He doesn't usually go online, and we don't get to spend too much time with Him. While He originally came from Earth, He joined a group known as the Spacerangers. They live aboard a ship called the Astro Megaship. While Andros is the leader of the Spacerangers and the owner of the ship, Selwyn is second in command. Sometimes, He takes lead when Andros is too distracted with personal thoughts or problems. His other fellow Spacerangers are Carlos, Cassie, and Tracy. Together, they helped protect earth by fighting evil forces in space. They also one get to meet the Voltron force.

After spending months in space aboard the Megaship, He is heading back home to Earth along with His friends to live the life of a normal person once again.

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