Secret Agents and the FBI better be on the lookout. A whole new foe has enter the picture.

Ransik is a mutant who has powers including telekinesis, teleportation, energy projection, and the abilty to pull weapons from his own body. Ransik come from the distant future, when the prolifieration of human cloning is dominant. Unfortunately, when Ransik was created, He mutated. As on outcast to the human race. He sought to enlist gangsters and other criminals to spread crime to take revenge on society. But when all His cohorts were caught and put into suspended animation, He decided to go back in time and let the police chase Him. When He was caught and taken to court, He was sentenced to go to jail. Facing the prospect of being put in suspended animation, His last gasp came in the form of a prankster He enlisted. The prankster faked an injury on the road, causing the paddywagon to tumble over and free Ransik. Ransik took over the jail and used it to travel back in time, He unforze all the criminals and now they're on the loose.

While Ransik and His criminals are a menace to society, the creators of the popular FOX Show Cops and World's Wildest Police Videos, hosted by John Bunnell and making money by show tapes of these bad guys being brought to justice (though they're not put into suspended animation)

Tough as He may seem, Ransik does have a weakness. He needs the drink a certain medicine to keep Himself from further mutating from time to time. When He mutates, He drinks the medicines and it stop, but when He does mutate, He is helpless and weak.

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