Austin St John! The Scary Profile

"I'll get You guys, I work for Zordon and He'll pay Me a lot.."

The steroid-abusing guy known as Austin or Brick in some circles, is the muscle behind Zordon's group. One can notice that He barely fits under the category of "human" due to His largely simian features such as His massive cranial space compared to His extremely small brain mass. Laced up on several Terrestrial and alien drugs provided to Him by Zordon, Austin has far exceeded the muscular capacity of a Human and is stronger than a Grizzly Bear. He can rip apart an automobile or even a Quadra Fighter with His bare hands when He is pumped on P.C.P. Austin has become so obsessed with His war against aliens (and us.) Weighing 220 pounds of pure muscle, and laced on uppers, Austin is a walking nightmare that can not be reasoned with like a rational sentient being. So I advise You stay away from this big guy and be safe. Be cool!

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Disclaimer: Please note this applies in the stories I write available at StoryTeller, I really have nothing against the real ASJ. This is only fiction and people shouldn't send Me Email telling Me that I spread false info...