Profile for Looten Plunder

Looten Plunder

Location: Unknown
First Story Featured: To be announced

Profile: He's suave, He's urbane, and He plunders the planet for profit. He rules His vast multinational empire with an iron fist, eliminating anyone or anything that stands in His way. Plunder considers ecologists to be fools with no understanding of the real world. Plunder's favorite forms of ecological devastation include deforestation, species extinction, habitat destruction and misuse of technology. Nothing, however, is beyond His mercenary tactics and He is willing to join forces with - or try to exploit - some of the other villains to achieve His evil goals. To carry out His evil plans, Plunder has built a huge security force led by Argos Bleak a mercenary soldier who loves to get His hands dirty and executes Plunder's schemes with deadly inefficiency. Virtually a private army, the security force can destroy anything from individuals to entire governments. The pony-tailed businessman, Looten Plunder usually dresses in chic suits and ties. His trademark trim on jacket lapels and trouser cuffs is fashioned from any number of endangered species. Argos Bleak wears military-style outfits, such as commando pants, sleeveless vest, combat boots and a variety of attached accessories. Plunder's latest lackies are the bumbling Pinehead Brothers, Oakey and Dokey. These two oversized lumberjacks make Hoggish Greedly's sidekick, Rigger look like an intellectual.

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