Profile for Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem

Location: Unknown
First Story Featured: OZONE HOLE in CAPTAIN PLANET

rofile: The product of His own mad science gone awry, tHis hideous "glow-in-dark" villain loves radioactivity. Able to control His body's radiation, the Duke uses it to intimidate His enemies into submission. Other characters must wear protective suits if they are going to spend a lot of time around him. The Duke consumes radiation to make himself more powerful and must "recharge" himself periodically by exposing His body to massive doses of radiation. His long-term plan is to turn the world into a radioactive wasteland where He and His kind will thrive. Until then, He bides His time, hoping to set off a chain reaction here and there - maybe even a nuclear war. His errand boy, Leadsuit, is really a coward - to the point of being afraid of the dark or quickly revealing Duke's whereabouts when interrogated. He submits readily to Duke's tyranny and takes insults like "Leadhead" or "Leadbrain" without flinching. Duke Nukem sports a dark red mohawk, His skin has become hard and scaly, and His eyes have developed x-ray vision. He sometimes wears coveralls that bare His arms and part of His chest but His favorite outfit is a Hawaiian shirt that He wears while "catching some rays." "Radiation bathing" is the Duke's version of sunbathing and recharges His radioactive powers. Sidekick Leadsuit's name describes His attire. He wears a full radiation suit and helmet to protect himself from His radioactive boss - not to mention the danger of exposure in their uranium mine hideout.

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