Location: Used in the New York City Subway System and on the Bus.
Aliases: FareCard and MetroCard Gold.

MetroCard is a plastic card that stores an amount of money on a magnetic strip. MetroCard is used to pay the fare by swiping the card at the Turnstyle in the Subway. Fare is automatically deducted from the MetroCard at each swipe. MetroCard can also be refilled when it runs low on fare. Their are 2 types of MetroCard, Blue which was used until the beginning of 1998, and the Yellow MetroCard (also known as MetroCard Gold). They work the sames except the gold one allows free transfers provided that You use the MetroCard with 2 hours of paying the fare. As of July 4 1998, You may perchase weekly unlimited ride MetroCards for $17 at any Subway Station.

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