Doesn't this robot remind You of Voltron?

Location: Zordon hid it somewhere.
Note: Zordon created a bunch of these MegaZords, the one on top is the very first one.

The MegaZord is a robot that is about the same size as Voltron. Many fans of Voltron call this a Voltron wannabe because the MegaZord forms just like Voltron. For instance: Both Voltron and the MegaZord are formed from five smaller robot ships. Instead of using Lions, the MegaZord uses ships called "Zords". The Zord ships in the first one shown above were called Dinozords because they were shaped like Dinosaurs. The Zords were piloted by Zordon's power rangers. The MegaZord has never fought against Voltron, though a battle between Voltron and the MegaZord would be interesting. I think Voltron would win though. The names of the Five Zords are: The Tyrannosaurus which formed the head; the Pterodactyl formed the right arm; the Mastodon formed the left arm; the Triceratops which formed the right leg; and Sabretooth Tiger which formed the left leg as shown in the above photo.

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