King Mondo


The absloute evilist of evils in the universe, Mondo will stop at nothing to conquer the Earth. He is the leader of the Machine Empire, which was destroye by Lord Zedd. It is not known if he Machine Empore will return to compete for the conquest of the universe. (Currently we have King Zarkon try to conquer the unverse, trying to defeat Voltron). He was a cold and heartless machine, giving Him a ruthlessness beyond compare. He was constantly sending down Machine monsters to destroy the Earth, but has failed at each attempt so far. He tried to do the job Himself with the Damocles Sword, using it to grow and destroy the city, but the sword was too powerful for Him resulting in his destruction. Mondo has been destroyed before, however, and will return better than ever. Mondo can channel energy through His staff, which He often swings around like a maniac after suffering a loss to the good guys of Earth, such as Captain Planet and the Planeteers. As I said before, He and His family was later was destroyed by Lord Zedd.

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