Ghostwriter is a ghost that flies around and can only be seen by certain people. He communactes by reading letters from words and arranging them to new words.

You don't need to call the Ghostbusters if You see this ghost! Ghostwriter starred in a show on PBS in the Mid 1990s. I was a teen back and I loved it. Ghostwrtier helped a group of Youngsters solved mysteries and cracking cases. One thing I loved was it took place in Fort Greene, located in downtown Brooklyn, New York.

A unique thing about the show is that it taught it viewers how to solve mysteries on their own and even help the Ghostwriter Team solve the cases by making a Casebook. Team members and some viewers wrote case information down. The Suspect, the evidance, and new facts about the case. The suspense kept viewers paying attention and wanting for more.

The Team had a diverse cast of Kids and Teens: Jamal Jenkins, a boy from brooklyn; His cousin Casey; Gaby and Alex Fernandez, two hispanic kids that work at a grocery store; Lenni Frazier, a young musician; Tina Nguyen, daugher of a Vietnam War survivor; Hector Correro, a young kid from El Salvador learning English; and Rob Baker, whose father is in the army and travels a lot. You can always add Youself if You've played along with the team watching.

It all started like this: Jamal and His father were cleaning the attic and open a book and out came Ghostwriter. Ghostwriter first appeared to Jamal on His Computer, given to Him by His sister. At first He thought His computer has gone haywire. But soon He gets to know the friendly ghost. One by one the other members see Ghostwriter and they're too shocked at first, but they soon get used to it.

The cases themselves were real. In the first case, the teams helps police nab a backpak theft ring. Other cases go from pollution from buried toxic waist to copyright infringment. In all each case spanned five shows so it kept viewers anxious to know that's going to happen.

Ghostwriter disappeard from TV in 1996, but thank to a new network called Noggin, You can enjoy most of the show You watched as a kid.

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