Garbage Pail Kids

These are cards that I used to collect back in the 1980s I still collect them, and I think they're the wackiest cards I have seen. Just look at the examples above. Their are over 600 different cards in 15 serieses. Thier was a 16TH Series, but it was never released. One of the cards pictured above is from the 16th series. One thing I liked about these cards is that each character had 2 names, one "A" card and one "B" card. For example, Card #627 Toyota TIM, and Drivin' IVAN are the same character but two different names in two different cards. The number of each card is located on the upper right corner of the card. For those who never collected these cards, but would like to start a collection. You can go to EBay and bid on a set of cards.

I'm in the process of creating a list of cards that I do have, so we can trade.