"I intend to destroy the world!"

Goldar is currently in the service of Lord Zedd and a member of Dark Specter's coalition.

Goldar was once one of the most ferocious warriors in the galaxy. His fighting prowess alone was worth that of all the Rangers combined. He caused terror amongst the population of Earth while He was Rita Repulsa's henchman and nearly killed several of the Power Rangers. With the arrival of Lord Zedd to the moon, Goldar changed loyalties to His old master Lord Zedd and abandoned Rita. As a reward for His fealty Goldar was given back His wings by Lord Zedd. As Lord Zedd's henchman Goldar led many attacks against the Earth but was defeated by the White Ranger time and time again. The marriage of Rita Repulsa to Lord Zedd was followed shortly after by the arrival of Rita's stepbrother Rito Revolto. Lord Zedd forced Goldar to work with Rito leading to an increased ineptitude in Goldar's tactics. When Goldar and Rito finally managed to destroy the Command Center, for some unexplained reason they dropped the Zeo Crystal behind and lost their memories. Lord Zedd punished Goldar by taking away His wings and His sword. Goldar and Rito, amnesia stricken, were taken in by Bulk and Skull in exchange for being their butlers. Goldar regained His memory when Rita and Lord Zedd sent a package to them reviving His memory. Lord Zedd gave Goldar back His sword and His wings on the condition that He may never be nice to anyone again. Goldar with His memories back was teleported to the surface of the moon to regroup with Zedd's forces in preparation of restoring Zedd's supremacy on the moon.

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