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Setton Pistachio Co., Inc.
Madera, California 93637

The Queen of Sheba was especially fond of pistachio nuts and is said to have monopolized the limited pistachio output of Assyria for Herself and Her court favourites.

Pistachia vera is a deciduous tree which grows slowly to a height of twenty-five yo thirty feet. It can survive under dry, adverse conditions in poor, stony terrain where for the most of the year there may be no rainfall.

The male tree bears the pollen and the female the nut. A single shaking of the tree will bring down the bulk of the mature nuts. Pistachios vary considerably in size. The biggest and the most open are roasted and salted by our staff under super special care to give it the finest taste and flavor. It is then immediately packed and shipped to You to savor this rare delicous nut.


Setton International Foods, Inc. has recently added a planning operation to its facilities, introducing a new line of chocolate-coated and yogurt-coated items, including various nuts and dried fruit.
Previously known as an international wholesaler of dried fruit and nuts, Setton International has also broadened distribution with the introduction of a complete line of candy.
Setton acquired the present 50,000-square-foot facility in Commack, Long Island, in 1992 and moved the operation there from Plainview. The company now sells more than five million pounds of cashews per year, and millions of pounds of various other nuts, edible seeds, and dried fruit, now being augmented by the chocolate-coated and yogurt-coated nuts and fruit.
The company was founded by Joshua and Morris Setton in 1959, originlly located in a small bakery/grocery store that that served the growing Middle Eastern market in New York City and the vincety.
In 1971 the company expanded into gourmet foods with the opening of a new store at Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn, known as "The Five Continents Gourmet Food, Inc.," which is still in operation. By 1978 they had expanded to nine stores located throughout the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area.
Setton International's wholesale operation began in 1981, when they opened their warehouse in Plainview, Long Island, and began packaging and distributing pistachios, cashews, and various other nuts and edible seeds, dried fruit and natural mixes. In 1982 the company began importing various products and in 1983 they added a roasting facility.
Setton Pistachio Co. was founded in 1986 and the new company constructed a pistachio processing plant in Madera, California. Setton Pistachio acquires and processes the pistachios direct from the growers. In 1986, the company processed one million pounds of nuts, and by 1994 the quota had grown to more than 10 million. The plant now employs more than 100 people year-round and operates three shifts, literally around the clock. By 1999 Ke Processing is about 26 Million.
Setton International Foods, Inc. began to export various food products to Orient and Europe in 1991, and also purchased the company's first pistachio orchard, also in Madera, California.

Important Highlight

A New York-based food processor is acquiring a pistachio-packaging operation from Dole Fruit & Nut plant in Terra Bella, Tulare County officials said.
The move will bring to 225 the number of employees Setton International Foods Inc. has at its existing plant in Madera and at the new one, said Carri Dilts, community development specialist for Tulare County. She said the Madera plant employs 90 people.

Almonds PackPrice
Shelled Almonds 50 lb. 1.99
Blanched Silvered or Sliced Almonds 25 lb. 2.39
Blanched Whole Almonds 25 lb. 3.89
Roasted Salted Almonds 25 lb. 2.29
Roasted Unsalted Almonds 25 lb. 2.29
Smokehouse Almonds 25 lb. 2.69

Brazil NutsPackPrice
Brazil Nuts Midgets 44 lb. 2.19
Brazil Nuts Halves 44 lb. 1.49

Cashews (Indian & Brazilian) PackPrice
Natural Whole Cashews 320 Count 25 lb. 3.40
Natural Whole Cashews 240 Count 25 lb. 3.65
Natural Whole Cashews 180 Count 25 lb. 4.45
Natural Whole Cashews 160 Count 25 lb. 5.50
Natural Cashew Butts or Splits 25 lb. 3.35
Natural Cashew Pieces 25 lb. 3.19
Cashews, Roasted Salted 320 Count 25 lb. 3.55
Cashews, Roasted Unsalted 320 Count 25 lb. 3.88
Cashews, Roasted Salted 240 Count 25 lb. 3.80
Cashews, Roasted Unsalted 240 Count 25 lb. 3.80
Cashews, Roasted Salted 180 Count 25 lb. 4.69
Cashews, Roasted Unsalted 180 Count 25 lb. 4.69
Cashews, Roasted Salted 160 Count 25 lb. 5.69
Cashews, Roasted Unsalted 160 Count 25 lb. 5.69
Cashews, Roasted Salted Butts or Splits 25 lb. 3.39
Cashews, Roasted Unsalted Butts or Splits 25 lb. 3.39
Cashews, Roasted Unsalted/Salted Pieces 25 lb. 3.29
Cashews, Honey Glazed 25 lb. 3.29

Chic Peas Pack Price
Chic Peas, Roasted Unsalted, Yellow Soft,
ready to eat or white (25 lb. add 10 cents)
55 lb. 1.49
Chic Peas, Roasted & Unsalted 25 lb. 1.49

Corn Nuts (California) Pack Price
Roasted & Salted Jumbo Corn Nuts 25 lb. 1.59

Filberts Pack Price
Shelled Filberts Turkish 25 lb. 2.99
Shelled Filberts Oregon 35 lb. 3.29
Shelled Filberts Turkish Blanched 25 lb. 3.79
Roasted Blanched Filberts, Salted, Unsalted 25 lb. 3.99

Indian Nuts Pack Price
Indian Nuts 25 lb. 11.90

Macadamia Nuts Pack Price
Natural Whole & Halves Macadamia Nuts 25 lb. 3.95
Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts 25 lb. 4.65
Roasted Unsalted Macadamia Nuts 25 lb. 4.65

Mixed Nuts Pack Price
Roasted Salted Fancy Mixed Nuts 20 lb. 3.35
Roasted Unsalted Fancy Mixed Nuts
Ingredients: Cashews, Almonds, Filberts, Pecans, Brazils.
20 lb. 3.35
With Cashew and Brazil Halves 20 lb. N/A
Mixed Nuts with Peanuts 20 lb. 2.35

Pistachios (Natural or Red) Pack Price
California Colossal 25 lb. 2.29
California Super Colossal 25 lb. 2.39
California Mammoth 25 lb. 2.69
Shelled Pistachios Whole 25 lb. 2.95
Shelled Pistachios Roasted Salted 25 lb. 3.15
The above are also packed in 6/5 lb. bags (add 10 cents per lb.)
12/2 lb., 12/1 lb. packages also available.

New For the Salt-Free Trade Pack Price
Roasted Unsalted Pistachios Colossal 25 lb. 2.49
Roasted Unsalted Shelled Pistachios 25 lb. 3.15

Pecans Pack Price
Junior Mammoth Light Pecan Halves 30 lb. 5.49

Pignolias Pack Price
Pignolias Chinese 2x27.5 lb. 6.49

Peanuts Pack Price
Dry Roasted Peanut Butter Combination 30 lb. 1.19
Roasted, Salted Blanched Peanuts 25 lb. 1.19
Roasted, Unsalted Blanched Peanuts 25 lb. 1.19
Peanuts, Roasted in the Shell 25 lb. .99
Peanuts, Raw Blanched 25 lb. .99
Peanuts, Raw, Redskin 25 lb. .89
Peanuts, Sugar Toasted 30 lb. 1.59
Mijou Beer Nuts 25 lb. 1.49
Honey Roasted Peanuts 25 lb. 1.59
Spanish Peanuts Salted, Unsalted 25 lb. 1.29

Pumpkin Seeds Pack Price
Roasted Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds 20 lb. 1.49
Roasted Salted Pumpkin Seeds 20 lb. 1.49
Chinese Pepitas Shelled 2x27.5 lb. 1.79
Chinese Pepitas, Roasted Salted, Unsalted 25 lb. 1.99
Squash Seeds, Roasted Salted 25 lb. 1.89

Sunflower Seeds Pack Price
Shelled Natural Sunflower Seeds 50 lb. .79
Roasted Salted Colossal Sunflower Seeds 25 lb. .69
Roasted Unsalted Colossal Sunflower Seeds 25 lb. .69
Shelled Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Salted 25 lb. .99
Shelled Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Unsalted 25 lb. .99
Sunflower Seeds, Israeli, Afoula R/S & R/U 25 lb. 1.39

Soybeans (Iowa) Pack Price
Dry Roasted Unsalted Soynuts 25 lb. 1.29

Walnuts Pack Price
Shelled Walnuts Light Halves & Pieces 25 lb. 2.49
Shelled Walnuts Combo Halves & Pieces 25 lb. 2.09
Shelled Walnuts Light Halves 25 lb. 2.99

Watermelon Seeds Pack Price
Egyptian Watermelon Seeds 25 lb. .99
Red Watermelon Seeds, Salted, Unsalted 17 lb. 1.49
Israeli Watermelon Seeds, Roasted, Salted 20 lb. 3.99
Black Watermelon Seeds 20 lb. 1.89


Apples, Dried Pack Price
Apples Rings 40 lb. 2.49
Chinese Cherry Apples 44 lb. 1.99

Apricots, Dried Pack Price
Turkish Apricots Large 28 lb. 1.19
Turkish Apricots Extra Large 140/160 28 lb. 1.39
Turkish Apricots Jumbo 100/120 28 lb. 1.79
California Apricots 25 lb. 5.25

Banana Chips (Phillipines) Pack Price
Banana Chips Sweetned 14 lb. .79
Banana Chips Unsweetned 14 lb. .79

Blueberries Pack Price
Blueberries (Dried) 10 lb. 6.95

Cherries Pack Price
Cherries Dried Pitted 10 lb. 5.95

Coconut (Phillipines) Pack Price
Coconut Chips 25 lb. .99
Shredded Coconut (Medium or Fine) 25 lb. .89

Craisins Pack Price
Craisins (Dried Cranberries) 25 lb. 2.89

Dates (California) Pack Price
Medjool Dates 15 lb. 2.29
Deglet Chopped Dates 30 lb. 1.29
Pitted Whole Dates 15 lb. 1.79
Natural Dates with Pits 15 lb. 1.69
Date Nut Roll 18 lb. 1.99

Figs Pack Price
Turkish Figs 28 lb. 1.59
Calimyrna Figs Extra Fancy 30 lb. 3.29

Ginger (Taiwan) Pack Price
Crystallized Ginger 44 lb. 1.79

Glazed Fruits (Australia) Pack Price
Extra Fancy Apricots, Orange Slices, Figs,
Pineapple, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Quince
22 lb. 4.79
Except Kiwi

Mangoes (Thailand) Pack Price
Mango Slices 22 lb. 2.99

Mixed Fruit (California) Pack Price
California Mixed Fruit
Ingredients: Prunes, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Apricots.
25 lb. 1.99

Nectarines (California) Pack Price
California Nectarines 25 lb. 2.99

Peaches (California) Pack Price
California Peaches 25 lb. 2.99

Pears (California) Pack Price
California Pears 25 lb. 2.99

Papaya Pack Price
Papaya Spears 44 lb. 1.09
Papaya Chunks 44 lb. 1.09
Papaya Diced 44 lb. 1.09
No Sugar Papaya Spears 44 lb. 3.99

Pineapple Pack Price
Pineapple Rings 44 lb. 1.19
Pineapple Tidbits 44 lb. 1.19
Pineapple Diced 44 lb. 1.19
No Sugar Pineapple Rings 44 lb. 3.99

Prunes Pack Price
Pitted Prunes, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small 25 lb. 1.39-1.99
Prunes, Extra Large & Large w/ Pits 30 lb. 1.79
Prunes, Sour (Oregon) 25 lb. 1.49

Raisins Pack Price
Black Raisins 30 lb. .99
Monukka Raisins 30 lb. 1.19
Golden Raisins 30 lb. 1.29
California Raisins 30 lb. 1.19
Turkish Sultana Raisins 30 lb. .89

Sesame Sticks Pack Price
Sesame Sticks, Salted 15 lb. 1.09
Sesame Sticks, No Salt Added 15 lb. 1.09
Cajun Sticks (Orange) 12 lb. 1.09
Cajun Sesame Sticks (Hot) 12 lb. 1.09
Cheddar Sticks 15 lb. 1.19
Garlic Sticks 15 lb. 1.19
Poppy and Onion Sticks 15 lb. 1.29
Oat Bran Sesame Sticks 15 lb. 1.19

Strawberries Pack Price
Strawberries 10 lb. 7.95

Miscellaneous Pack Price
Chili Bits 20 lb. 1.39
Oriental Rice Snacks (Also Available Kosher) 20 lb. 1.89
Oriental Dried Peas 22 lb. 1.29
Vegi Chips 24/4.75 oz. 1.49
Vegi Chips 18 lb. 3.95
Sesame Seeds 50 lb. .79

All orders can be with or without salt and are available in 25 lb. packages.
TO ORDER: CALL (516)-543-8090
Out of State call toll free 1-800-CASHEWS (1-800-227-4397)
For order inquiries please Email
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