Captain Planet

Welcome to My Captain Planet webpage. Who/What is Captain Planet? Read the page and find out.

Captain Planet is a superhero in a cartoon that deals with environmental issues like stopping pollution. In each episode, one of the Eco-Villians plots to take advantage of a small town or city by wrecking havoc with the environment. In is up the Captain Planet and the Planeteers to stop them from polluting our planet. Who is the Planeteers? They are five teenagers that live on a far away island called Planeteer Island. Each Planeteer is given a magic ring by Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, that controls an element of Earth.

There names (and there powers) are, Kwame (with the power of Earth), Wheeler (with the power of Fire), Linka (qith the power of Wind), Ge (with the power of Water), and Mate (with the power of Telepathy).

When they combine there powers they summon Captain Planet. Once Captain Planet is summoned, they cannot use ther rings until Captain Planet splits up into the five powers. At the end of each show, their is a "Planeteer Alert" that tells You what you can do to stop the pollution that is seen in each show. Their was a page ( on this show but as of this writing the page has disappeared. I have not forgotten this show I will try to look for more information on the net.

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