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DISCLAIMER: This page is not intended to sell any illegal cable devices. It is an instruction manual for the Jerrold IMPULSE 7000 Series box pictured to the left. You can also review these instructions at Garden State Cable's webpage here.

Location: On top of Your TV.
Aliases: None.

A Cable Box is a device with a tuner that allows You to received channels that is not offered by Your rooftop antenna and is usually provided by Your cable company. You cable company hooks You to its service. The cable box receives an encoded signal and decoded it so You can watch the channels on Your screen. Some cable box descramblers are deemed illegal because they receive service while the subscriber isn't paying.

Nearly every box has a built in plug outlet which is intended for turning on and off TVs along with the box itself. You can plug any other electric device into the box, but You should never plug any extension cords or surge protectors into the back of the box as they might make the box overheat.

Jerrold DPV/DPBB Instruction Manual

The following is a manual that will help those who use a Jerrold Box pictured above. The boxes used in My area have a 4-digit display. On the 4-digit display, You will see MUTE near the lower left corner to indicate when the volume is turned off. On the top, You will see B P, which will be discussed at the end of this paragraph. The 4-digit display can display the time of day in either 12 or 24 hour format. I know also most boxes have a 2-digit display. The 2-digit display has P B. Since I don't have one in My house, I don't know much about it. However, I have tried the 2-digit display box and most function work similiarly. I will list each function in easy to follow steps in a chart that tell You what You will see on either display. The indicators (or "dots" as most people say) on the display light up when special conditions are in effect. B indicates when an alternate source or cable system is selected, meaning 17 without the B dot and 17 with the B dot might be different. The P lights up when the channel is parentally controlled or when the time is displayed, it indicates PM. Since the B P is on the top for 4-digit models, I will write the displays like this 12:3'6 to indicate 12:36 PM.


In addition the the remote, the Jerrold Box has many common control on the top middle right. These control include the numberic keys, Channel Up and Channel Down, MUTE, POWER, A/B, PC/PM, Select, Learn, Enter, and F.

The remote has the same keys plus PROG (or PRGM on some remotes), Channel Recall, Favorite Channels. Many remote also have a TV button to turn off the TV. 0 cable companies will give You a generic remote. The company that makes these generic remotes is called US Electronics. The buttons are described below.

ON/OFF Button
Turns the box on or shuts it off. Numeric Keys
Allows You to jump to any channel directly. Press 2 and then 1 to go to channel 21 or if the channel number is a single digit, press 0 and then the number (such as 0 and then 6 for channel 6)

Channel Up and Channel Down
Moves one channel at a time continuiously in order at an increasing or decreasing rate. Some channel numbers might be skipped, this is usually set up by the cable company to skip any empty channels. After the highest channel is reached, the box returned the the lowest channel number in the system and vice-versa.

MUTE Button
Shuts off the audio of any channel.

A/B Button
Switches between two signals or two channel systems, this is not available in all areas.

PC/PM Button
Sets parental controls, or when setting the timer or clock, switches between AM and PM.

Select Button
Order an event. A 4-digit code can be set to prevent inadvertant orders.

Learn Button
Programs passwords for parental control and ordering events. If You forget any code, You can call the cable company to reset it if it is rented. If You own it, make sure You remember Your password.

Enter Button
Confirms any information entered into the box.

Brings up the prompt for most of the functions for the box.

These buttons are available on the remote control.

Volume Up and Volume Down Controls the audio of the cable signal. On the 4-digit display, their is a level range of 0-32

Favorite Channels (FC or FAV)
Allows You to go through in order. The box counts both channels from A and channels from B, since they might be different channels. Thus, the following is a sample order of the way the channels are organized, 2A, 7A, 15A, 19A, 3B, 5B, and 87B. The favorite channel button will cause the box to go the next highest channel number according to this rule.

Last Channel (LC or <CH) The Last Channel also has a unique rule. Its use ignores Channel Up or Channel Down presses after You select a new channel. For example, Say You're watching channel 52. You switch to channel 68. You press Channel Up two times. Even though now You're on channel 70, the box will return to channel 52 after You press Favourite Channel. After that, if You Channel Down a couple times and press it again, the box will go to channel 70. I agree that it's a bit complicated.

Program (PRGM or PROG)
This allows You to program either Your favorite channels into the box or use the sleep timer function.

You can program the box to channel channels, turn on and off, and order event on its own at a certain time with this button. It works well in conjunction with Your VCR when You want to record multiple programs on different channels when You are not home.

This button is only available on the US Electronics remote. To program a code for a remote controlled TV to turn it off and control its volume, press F (on the remote), TV, enter the code, press TV, and then ENTER. If You don't know the code, press F, TV, Select, TV, Select, TV...etc. until You find the correct code for Your TV if You don't know it. To return the remote's volume control to the box, press F, CATV, 000, and then CATV. Their are codes to make this type of remote control other cable boxes (on power, volume and channel selection only.) Right now I don't know all the codes, so currently I have no list.

Volume Control

The box allows users of old TV sets to control via its own volume control system. Volume control is only displayed on a four digit display.
Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
When You press MUTE the sound will go off. On a four digit display You will see the MUTE indicator light.   . 11  
Press volume up or down to adjust the volume. L..30 Number increases or decreases as You adjust the volume at a range is 0 to 32.
Pressing F and then MUTE will return the volume setting to the default which is 23. L  23  
If You press volume down while the volume is muted, the mute indicator will remain on until You press volume up L. 11  

Parental Control

Parental controls allow You to block out any channels You don't want others to watch, especially children. When the box is turned on, Parental Control is automatically activated.

Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Step 1: If You tune to a parentally controlled channel, this indicates that the channel is locked and and the normal channel can't be viewed. Pc 1'1 PC and 1.1 flashing PC and channel number will flash alternately.
Step 2: Press F F F ..
Step 3: Press PC/PM. On some remotes, this will appear as P/C UnL-
"-" flashing
Step 4: Enter Your current code. If You have none, go to step 4 (Setting up codes will be covered a little later.) UnL-
"-" flashing
PC Display changes intensity as each digit is entered.
Step 5: Press ENTER 11 11 If You enter the wrong code, the box will display P1. If, after three time the wrong code is entered. The box will display P2 and will disable password entry and parental control for 15 minutes. It is not known why this happens, but if You forget Your code call You cable company to erase it. If You own the box, be sure not to forget it.

After You have deactivated parental control, You can set up which channel You want to lock out.

Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Press PC/PM or P/C. The P dot will light. On the four digit display, the dot is on top betwen the channel digits. I will indicate this is an aposterphe.    3'5 3.5
If You have not unlocked the box, the box will display PL. PL PL

After setting up which channels You want to be locked out, You can lock the box either by turning off the box or following the steps below. When You tune to a locked out channel, the box will tune to a specific channel set up for this condition, such as a channel guide or childrens channel. (If the box displays P2 when trying to lock the box, You can turn it off. However, You'll have to wait until after the P2 disappears before You can unlock the channels again.)

Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Step 1: Press F F F
Step 2: Press PC/PM or P/C F PC PC
Step 3: Press ENTER Pc3'4 PC and 3.4 flashing PC and channel number will flash alternately.
You might want to set up a code to make sure only You have access to the locked out channels. The LEARN key allows this, You can also set up an event order code, but that will be explained later. You can also change Your code following these steps.

Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Step 1: Press LEARN. On some remotes this will appear as CODE. Lrno
"o" flashing
Step 2: Press PC/PM. On some remotes, this will appear as P/C LPCo
"o" flashing
Step 3: Press ENTER LPCn
"n" flashing
PC Display changes intensity as each digit is entered.
Step 4: Press ENTER 11    11 Remember the "three password rule." Three wrong passwords in succession will cause password entry to be temporarily blocked out.

Sleep Timer

The Sleep Timer allows You to program the box to shut off on its own after a predetermined amount of time. Three different time intervals are available: 30, 60, or 90 minutes.
Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Step 1: Press F F F
Step 2: Press PROG or PRGM on the remote. SL00 00
Step 3: Press PROG or PRGM until You find the deisred amount of time to run before the box shuts off. Press once for 90, twice for 60, or three times for 30. SL90 90 The number repeats from 90, 60, 30, and 00 each time You press PROG or PRGM.
Step 4: Press ENTER to confirm the sleep timer. The box will return to normal operation.    11 11 Press F, PROG/PRGM, and then ENTER if You want to cancel the Sleep Timer after You programmed it.

Time Display

You can program the box to display the time by pressing F and then TCP/TIMER. The time is displayed five seconds after You change the channel or when the box is turned off. Continious time display is only available on the 4-digit display units. However A separate table explains time display with 2-digit display units.

Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Press F. F    
Step 2: Press TCP/TIMER on the remote or press 9 on the set-top keypad.   3:3'0   If their is a dot between the last two digits, this indicates PM.
If You want to display the time in 24 hour format, press F, and then 8. 15:30   The time is usually sent the box by Your cable company. If the box diesn't receive the time it will display --:--. If You feel You need to set the time on Your own, follow the next step.
If the box doesn't get the time, You will need to set it on Your own. To do this, first press LEARN. Lrno
"o" flashing
Press TCP/TIMER   0:00    
Enter the time by using the numeric keys on the remote or set-top keypad. The box will accept both 12 and 24 hour times. Press PC/PM to switch between AM or PM. 10:3'5
  The "P" dot indicate PM when it is lit.

The following table shows how a 2-digit display use shows time information. (Note: This may not be available in all areas) In the following example, the current date would the 15th of the month, at 12:30 PM.
Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Step 1: Press F N/A F
Step 2: Press TCP or TIMER N/A
D and Current day of month flashing (15, for example) N/A
Press ENTER to see the hour. The P indicator indicates PM N/A "h" and current hour flashing (12 with the P indicator on)
Press ENTER again to see the minute. N/A "n" and current minutes past the hour. (30 for example)

Time Controlled Programming

This feature come in handy for those who want to program the box to automatically tune to different channels so they can be recorded on the VCR. The box has 8 available Time slots. I have 2 separate charts for 2-digit TCP and 4-digit TCP.

The first table is for the 2-digit display box. In the following example we will set the cable box to tune to Channel 11 at 7:30 PM on the 28th on the month.
Instructions 4-digit display 2-digit display Notes
Press TCP/TIMER N/A d1 The TCP function can only be accessed using a remote control.
Step 2: Press ENTER N/A --
Enter the day of the month. N/A 28 If You wish to enter a single digit date, hour, or minute, such as the 5th, You will need to proceed it with a zero, such as 05. You can also program the cable box to tune to a certain channel every day by enter 00 for the day.
Press ENTER. N/A h1
Enter the hour. Press PC/PM to switch between AM and PM. Note the P indicator lights when PM is selec 0:00
Enter the time by using the numeric keys on the remote or set-top keypad. The box will accept both 12 and 24 hour times. Press PC/PM to switch between AM or PM. 10:3'5
The "P" dot indicate PM when it is lit.
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