The Planet Aquitar

Welcome to the Planet Aquitar. This Planet is far away from Earth and most of its inhabitants live underwater. The Aquitians of Aquitar are friendly and look a lot human, but they need to stay underwater. If an Aquitian spends too much time out of the water, He might get sick and die. The Aquitians live like us on Earth. They have families, they work, they shop, and the Kids play go to school or stay home and play games with there friends. I've had a rumor they they can even access our internet on there computers. Could their possibly be AOL Members signing on from Aquitar? Only tim will tell. Their technology is better than ours. For example, there electronics are waterproof. If You went to Aquitar and would buy a TV Set from them, You would be able to use it underwater. For AOL Members, I have a chat room about The Planet Aquitar called The Aquitar Inn. I will be in this room sometimes. If I am not, You can E-Mail Me to plan a chat and I'll be in the room if I'm not busy.

I've written a story about going to this underwater planet.
The title is called TRIP TO AQUITAR and You can read it just by clicking the title.

In the story, an Aquitian by the name of Cestro meets Me and My friend Billy on our way to the movies. He claims that He has seen us on Television. I tell Him I wasn't on TV, but He insists thae we have been on TV. Theirfore, He offers to take us to Planet Aquitar for a few days. The Price is only $100 per person for round trip, but we convince Him to make it only $75. We then go tell all our other friends we will be leaving and we will keep in touch. Cestro then tells us to go on board His ship. It takes us 5 hours to get to the planet. Once we land, He takes us the a dry hotel on land for us to stay. By the time we are settled, it's past 3:00 AM in the morning - Aquitar Standard Time. So we go to sleep. The room we sleep in has a TV and we can watch their TV shows. The channels are familiar, but have a few changes like: Movie Box Office (MBO), Showtime, and The Dizzy Channel. The TV shows and movies are pretty strange. For the next few days, Cestro gives us a tour of Aquitar. And we enjoy it, but soon Billy starts to get impatient and very much wants to go back to Earth. That night, our friends, the Planeteers contact us. They appear on the TV in our room and we talk to them. We tell them we will be back soon. We go back the next day, our trip back isn't as smooth as the trip coming. Zordon tried to capture our ship. But Cestro (with the help of Professor Hart) get out of it and stops Zordon from taking us in. Cestro decides to say on Earth for a day and He enjoys it.

I don't know if I want to go to Aquitar again. I seem to have a Chose here. Go to Disneyworld or back to Aquitar? I'd settle for a trip to Disneyworld so I can remember the Magic of the 25th anniversary. You can find more info on Disneyworld park by clicking here. I have a Disneyworld URL too, but it's not as detailed.

Have fun,

Eddie []

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