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Hi My Name is Eddie and Welcome to My webpage on EddieSegoura.com! I've been using the Internet since May of 1995. I'd like to thank You for letting Me share some of My interests with you via this page :-) [a ":-)" is a smile for You first timers]

Feel free to E-Mail Me if You got anycomments on My page. I'd love to have feedback about this page.

Before You look at anything else on this page, I ask that You read the disclaimer notice which contain important info. So go ahead, explore this page. I hope You enjoy what You see. If You want to learn a little more about Me, just click here.

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Email Address:      Eddie@EddieSegoura.com
Member Name: EDDIE
Location: Brooklyn, NY USA
Birthdate: February
Computers: A PC
Hobbies: Computers, Programming, Collecting
Not Sport Cards Like Garbage Pail Kids,
Reading, Writing, AOL, Surfing the Web, Traveling
listening to Z100 Music, and Watching TV.
Occupation: Designer of this webpage. Working with and posting
items to Priceclick.com Yahoo stores.
Best Friends: The ones I live with, see and know here in Brooklyn.
Worst Enemies: Anyone that speaks hatred, delares war, acts nasty
Favorite TV Shows: Voltron, Ghostwriter, The Price Is Right,
Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy, Press Your Luck,
VR Troopers, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World,
America's Most Wanted,
VH1's Pop-Up Video, Captain Planet, Terra Venture,
.... and the list goes on and on.

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  • My Video Games Page
  • Check out a page on something I really enjoy doing and see what My favorite games are. I have a pages on Earthbound and Zelda 64.

  • Download QBASIC Games (QBASIC or GWBASIC Required)
  • A couple of BASIC games You can try..

  • Visit My Voltron Webpage.
  • Check out a nice webpage I put to on Voltron: Defender Of The Universe

  • Hear Me say,
    "Hi, My Name is Eddie a.k.a
  • This sound clip of Me is not yet available.

  • Hear Jason David Frank say,
    "Welcome to My nightmare!"

  • That's what Jason David Frank sounds like....

  • Press Your Luck
  • A sight I added about one of My favorite game shows. (Added 8/11/1998)

  • Photo Hunt
  • A small game where You locate differences in 13 pairs of slightly different pictures.

  • Feeling so angry or upset that You could hit the wall or punch a bag? Visit The Steam Room. I hope You come back out without the anger.

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    Team of the 20th Century

    I would like to dedicate part of My Webpage to the New York Yankees. They're a great team. They're the most suscessful team in any sport. Their is no arguing about it. Thanks for giving us a great season back in 1998 and winning 3 times. While they can't win every World Series, we'll never forget how they swept the World Series twice in a row, from 1998-1999. We won't forget how, with our other team the Mets, took us to a Subway Series fall classic. I won't forget how they payed back the Seattle Mariners plenty by stopping them from winning a world series when they won 116 games in 2001. I hope they can bring more excitement in the many years to come. If You want to read more thoughts I have on the Yankees spectacular 1998 season, click here.

    The Webcounter says that My webpage has been visited times.

    "And I'm proud to be an American, where at leat I know I'm free, and we won't forget the ones who fought to give this life to Me" - Leee Greenwood - God Bless the USA

    We certainly won't forget the brave people who had to lose there live on Septenmber 11th. I feel there pain, I find it heard to sleep at night. That day signaled a dark era to come for us. I still can't believe that two tall buildings that I seen all My life are gone. I hope we will see them again. Today people don't trust eachother. Today the flag stand taller thenever. If You were able to travel from the past, You'd think it's the 4th of July. But the colors red white and blue will be standing for up year round in the forseeable future. I'm hoping the Twin Tower will be rebuilt soon just the way they were. I was disappointed when some New York officials that want to rebuild a new Stadium for the Mets. Shea Stadium isn't falling apart. Right now we need to focus on the families and the rebuild of the Twin Tower, not a new stadium, that's not what we need.

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